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specialising in mining & metals

“Carly’s knowledge of the mining industry is truly impressive, and this knowledge means that Carly’s writing resonates with mining readers because it hits the mark both in terms of being cognisant of what is new and exciting, but also because it is provides narrative that goes beyond what everyone else is saying”

Dr. Penny Stewart, CEO, PETRA Data Science

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I’m Carly Leonida, a freelance technical writer and editor based in Hertfordshire, UK. I help companies in the mining and metals industry to produce their own magazine-quality editorial materials for marketing and promotional purposes.

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“I use Carly’s [Intelligent Miner] articles as reading for my mining strategy and innovation course at UBC. I think she is one of the best journalists in mining at the moment”

Prof. John Steen, Director of the Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining, University of British Columbia

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“Carly brings a much needed fresh and thoughtful view that combines her deep knowledge of mining with a unique appreciation of the intersection between the technical, ESG and the pressures from investors, communities and downstream companies. Her articles also challenge the reader to think differently from the status quo”

Peter Bryant, Board Chair & Managing Director, Clareo